Thursday, January 14, 2010

American Idol is the devil

American Idol shows us clearly what is wrong with the music industry today, and yet they package it so well, and distract us with entertainment, so we miss it.

Yes the show is about the "making" of it as an artist. But make no mistake, for the artist it's like a giant bait and switch. I mean, getting picked out of millions in a grueling process, and have more public support than anyone else, it must feel like conquering the world. Then they go into one of the top record studios (the ultimate goal for any musician, yes?) You would think.

But given probably one of the most well equipped studios on earth, and all the public support one could imagine. (i mean you don't get a better head start, publicity wise, do you?) Given that you have the guidance of a whole team of coaches, legal experts, great producers (you get the idea). All that and they can't reliably put out an album worth buying. Rolling Stone considered Adam Lambert's album a flop. Usually someone in the field of non-winners beats the winner in sales.

Well for those of you out there who are not musicians, you need to know one thing. Creation can never be counted on. No one can ALWAYS draw from the well and come up with a full bucket. The greats can do it better and more often, but not always.

That's why Mystonic is pushing individual songs. Think about it. Can anyone remember any of the American Idol finale songs being even decent, besides the (slightly cheesy, but we let it slide because we liked Kelly) "a moment like this". That song last year was an embarrassment.... to even listen to.

I bet they would have a hit record if they took one of this month's winning entries, and paid the artist accordingly. But that's how the music industry is. Promotion of one representative to go up the hill for us and draw from the well.

I say let everyone with a pail, or a cup, or a spoon who wants to go up the hill to the well. If you are able to get more water out that day, I will gladly give you the biggest pail I can muster. Then tomorrow I'll be making that pail available to the next guy. Oh and don't you deserve the biggest sip of that water since you drew it out?

Makes sense to me.

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