Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The mission.

I am merely a commission based employee for those on the label. Any record label is merely that. How many though look at it the other way around? I provide a service, and get paid on the basis of how well I provide it.

That being said, I would think perhaps artists should hire as many "employees" as they can. If their product is good, they should get it to as many sales people / record labels as they can. Why not? Why can't the system work that way? Because the big labels don't want anyone else having access to their artists. Well why is that? Accountability to the artist. Another reason is the fact that these relationships are based around the old system, where the artist gets a paltry amount in comparison to the label/publisher. That whole "artists work for the label" mentality. Bullocks.

The Mystonic label has just started out, but growing at our current rate we will be representing over 250 artists by the end of 2010, and over 1000 by the end of 2011. Selling music at rates other labels can't imagine - rates that other labels couldn't financially pull off. And the recruitment of great music and musicians is just the beginning of a multi-tiered business plan. Actually - 1000 artists and the amount of music that those artists will bring to the table is only a quarter of what Mystonic Records has planned.

We, as a group of musicians and music lovers, are going to change the music process, from creation, to sharing, to sales & distribution, to streaming & broadcast.

We are going to shake this industry.

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  1. I am with you Brother...I am made of songs...and so are some real incredible friends of mine...which soon shall be yours also... The big three that control everything know there antiquated ways and days are numbered…and as WE grow…they will take notice….this will be interesting…
    Thanks Again,
    Rob Waddell-AKA on YouTube: Fingercheese, & I1DR4U….BlogSpot: Brother , (your brother)