Monday, December 28, 2009

New Moon Soundtrack

Many years have passed since I bought a CD Soundtrack. I remember my early days of DJing and spending over 2k a year on CDs. What was it? Maybe as a standard 2 good songs if you were lucky was a good average for a disc. They would, of course, play that initial (baiting) track on the radio into oblivion, giving you a vibe for this particular new artist, or known artist's new direction, only to give you that one track and about 10 filler songs.

I will say, that although I have seen this latest Twilight film, (what I like to refer to as the chick flick disguised as a vampire film) the soundtrack did a lot more for me than the movie did. Now that being said, let me say that I am not proclaiming it to be great or anything, but that it does have what I consider a couple great songs and 3 that are good. The rest of course is mostly filler music (meaning good background music when you are talking or playing games, or drinking, or painting your toenails, or anything basically, other than listening. There is a song that irritates me to such a degree, as someone who tosses out many song files of my own creation on the grounds that they are not up to snuff, that I can't help but be enraged by it. The Killers white demon made me feel like I felt when I discovered the fall out boy track on Timbaland's last album. I think to myself, "to submit this to the world and say this is my best?" No way.

Anyway, back to the topic. The New Moon Soundtrack is a decent 5 songs, with a nice instrumental in there as well, and if not for the music, the movie would have crossed the line of just being not so hot, and possibly caused riots. What's my point? I just said to myself, "you have 2 songs that you added to your "playlist" and you are all excited... what's wrong with this situation? " I also just made preliminary agreement with Mystonic's first female artist recently, and I have decided our first objective as a label is going to be attacking the film industry. I'm going to promote a challenge this summer, as the next Twilight film is premiering, putting 10 songs of the Mystonic label, up against whatever they are pushing out there as the official soundtrack. I will push those 10 songs into the marketplace of Twilight fans, and basically guarantee if you buy this album, you will find it to be firstly in the proper mood of the film, and secondly a much better collection of actual music than what they will be pushing.

A musical Pepsi challenge. A complete disc, with no filler material. No irritation. Just close your eyes and enjoy. So I'm going out on my limb now to announce this ahead of time. I intend to do man on the street videos and set up stations on the street with random pedestrians. I am confident this will be another good method for growth because with a few exceptions, the standards we have come to accept from the major labels, and those in power to pick soundrack songs is far too low. The public is hungry, i would suggest like a newborn vampire, for the good stuff, and I intend to give it to them.

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