Friday, April 2, 2010

On The Rise! (YouTube talk)

With all original material, a recognized good idea, and support of the community, 1000 subscribers and the YouTube partnership program is the goal for now, at least on YouTube. Not as a way to make money, but in all honesty as a way to provide added funding to take on more contests. I think this is the future of the music business, even among "made" artists. Each contest requires it's own time to sort out guidelines, advertise, sort out votes, listen, feature, assist new artists with production, master tracks as needed, organize, upload, etc. This all requires funds and time. Time in the future will be beyond the scope of what one person can do, and will require someone to get paid for it. So yeah, I am still a ways off from a profit here, and I'm fine with that for now.

Secondly, is the factor of legitimacy. Serious sponsorships are in the works, and the details of which, will be disclosed shortly. Those will help cement us as a legitimate label. The YouTube partnership is just a small facet of that legitimacy. The big goals obviously, are to get artists on the label into major soundtracks, or major sales numbers. That is the main objective at the end of the day. All the rest is just positioning to assist that end.

So 1000 subscribers. The arbitrary metric YouTube has set as a minimum, outside of a cash investment, to become a YouTube partner.

If I wasn't happy with making the 300 subscribers in less than 4 months.

And if I still wasn't happy making 150 of those subscribers in just the month of March.

I was pretty delighted yesterday April 1 to have made 60 subscribers in that day. (no foolin')

Yes, I always knew that the idea was solid, and that sooner or later things would pick up to the level that people would have to pay attention. I think it's finally coming into it's own.

This is getting to be a time management lesson, the likes of which I have never known. The twist is going to be getting investors on board and have the machine refined, and manned in time to deal with the certain climb that's coming. 250 messages in one day is manageable for now, but that's only going to go up. It will eventually become unmanageable, and I will have to admit that I need help to get it all done.

And to think that the contest is just phase one in a much bigger overall scheme.

I am ready.

Bring it.

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